It’s Life Insurance Awareness Month

Life Insurance Agent Tacoma, WashingtonIs your life insurance policy meeting your needs?

If your needs have changed, you may require more or less coverage depending on your original reason for purchase. With the guidance of one of our advisors, you can determine if the policies you currently have aligns with your goals.

Alliance West Insurance, Inc. recommends assessing your insurance policy every few years in order to ensure you still have the right coverage.

We offer comprehensive reviews of your existing life insurance, discuss your goals and how your policy fits with them, and determine if it is on track. If not, we identify the steps and things you need to do to make sure the policy is up to date.

Having Alliance West Insurance, Inc. examine your life insurance policy can result in increasing your death benefit, lower premiums, extending your coverage, and increasing projected cash accumulates. It also ensures the financial strength of the insurance carrier.

A Life Insurance Audit provides a comprehensive evaluation of current coverage:

  • Review of the in-force policy relative to current needs
  • Analysis of whether existing coverage still meets your needs or if funding should be adjusted
  • Investigation into possible improvements in your medical underwriting class, based on current health and recent medical underwriting classifications, ensuring proper policy expense management
  • Analysis of your policy’s performance, compared to illustrations provided at the time of the sale
  • Assessment of the financial stability of the current life insurance carrier
  • Review of new products or riders that may enhance coverage
  • Easy-to-understand list of options
  • Decision-making support from a Life Insurance Audit professional

Circumstances may change as life unfolds. Therefore, your insurance should also reflect that.

Reach out to us today at 877.688.0574 to make sure your policy does exactly that.